Hefei Keda Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
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      • Company introduction

          Company introduction: Hefei Keda Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of medium frequency induction furnace, induction heating equipment manufacturing enterprises. At present, the production of electric furnace capacity from 1 tons to 60 tons, the power supply from 250KW to 30000KW. More with...

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        Our advantage
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          Professional casting

          Hefei Keda is a R & D, production and sales of integrated production enterprises, has a professional R & D team and technical personnel engaged in power electronics and induction heating field, has very rich experience.

        • 02

          Quality assurance

          We strictly control the selection of raw materials and structure, according to the highest standards for product design and equipment core components of the material, to provide customers with high quality products.

        • 03

          Good service

          24 hours throughout the professional after-sale tracking service, the company's different positions for targeted training programs, as long as you have the need, we will make every effort to complete.

        Information dynamics
        Contact us

        Hefei Keda Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Hefei County, Feidong Province, Anhui Economic Development Zone, No. 16 Road

        Contact: total Lee

        Tel: 055167897958

        Cell phone: 13035062799

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