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        Series resonance power

          Coda series resonant design can be easily realized multi power supply of the smelting system, the most common and most typical of the dual power supply system.

          The series resonant dual output power supply cabinet with two furnace body constitute a two electric furnace smelting system, the output power can be continuously arbitrarily distributed between two and two on the furnace body, can a furnace of power transmission, a thermal insulation, a melting. Without the use of an external switching device to select the furnace body. Our series resonant design ensures that the device is continuously and stably running and has a wide range of load matching. The rectifier part of the power supply cabinet is designed with full open design, so the power factor is high, and the harmonic is small. 12 pulse and 24 pulse pulse design to further reduce the harmonics, special rectification triggering board design to ensure that the phase balance current between the lines, while the implementation of soft start power to prevent shock, and quickly cut off the power supply in the event of a fault. All the digital signal transmission is realized through the optical fiber, the anti-interference ability is strong, the system is more stable.

          Series resonant double output intermediate frequency power supply all devices are installed in a closed cabinet. Domestic brands use copper and copper power cabinet, copper by sandblasting, passivation, production specification. The reasonable arrangement of the components of the power supply cabinet is easy to maintain, walk the line, and the wiring is standard. Maintenance personnel can easily access to all the maintenance points. An isolation switch is arranged between the rectifier and the inverter. In the case of one side of the inverter fault, isolate the fault, continue to use the other side of the power to continue to work. Power supply cabinet equipped with smelting manager. Smelting manager, PLC and man-machine interface to form a convenient operation functions include: automatic oven, cold start, fault diagnosis, fault information display and storage, operation information, system status display. A closed isolation control room is arranged on the upper part of the front door, which is provided with a main control board, a feedback board, a control power supply and the like, and can conveniently observe the signal of the main control board. Isolation control room does not require additional cooling. The main power electronic devices are water cooled, and the temperature rise during the internal operation of the cabinet will not affect the isolation control room. At the same time, the selection of all the electronic components in the electronic control circuit board is carried out according to the high temperature level.

          Air switch protection system with full function. The function of the circuit breaker fast action (air switch) installed on the positive power supply, which is composed of an electric operating mechanism, pressure loss plays a protective effect of interlocking coil 24V, and with over-current protection, overcurrent occurs, it tripping protection, power supply is cut off power supply of power supply cabinet. Bridge rectifier to convert alternating current into direct current, providing a stable DC platform for the inverter part. Two sets of series resonant inverter bridge, the output power can be in the two series resonant inverter bridge between the arbitrary distribution. Two sets of series resonant capacitor compensation devices to meet the dual output, can be carried out at the same time the two furnace. The capacitor is installed in a fully enclosed capacitor cabinet, and is made of high strength cold rolled steel sheet.

          At the same time, it is equipped with a differential current mode and DC injection type leakage test alarm circuit, indicating lamp, leakage current meter and detection control circuit, etc.. In normal operation, it is continuously detected. Turn off the power supply when the following conditions occur:

          1、The metal lining permeability to the induction coil;

          2、The lining with excessive moisture;

          3、Individual electrical components on the ground low resistance.

          Because the coil is free from the whole system of the oxygen free copper pipe, the differential current mode and the direct current injection type leakage furnace alarm circuit protect the whole coil, which comprises an effective coil and a water cooling coil. Differential current mode is the protection of the electronic type, the speed is fast, when the output circuit to the ground flashover fault, differential current protection can be the fastest speed response. DC injection leakage alarm for non electronic protection, the speed is relatively slow, but when the power supply cabinet to stop running, it can also be used to detect leakage furnace. At the same time, Kodak industry can provide sound equipment and various options according to different customer requirements, let you feel the full range of new research products brought about by the efficient, convenient and safe.




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