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              Open the grate

                Kodak open grate includes: open grate, furnace body, furnace cover, and the tilting cylinder, a furnace cover lifting, rotating cylinder, sensor, magnetic yoke, high-pressure hose, and bottom pouring furnace carbon fixed material, a complete set of stainless steel water dispenser, return water collector and clamps and so on, including import water wall water heater. The oil cylinder is designed with the use of water glycol as the hydraulic medium.

                The following is the main component of steel furnace:

                A) open steel structure

                Easy maintenance, maintenance, H type steel specifications, or square steel tube constitute the basic structure frame, simple structure, firmness, the maximum furnace angle of 95 degrees.

                B) surface of the furnace platform for knot tying refractory material

                More fully to the furnace body, the furnace platform will not be deformed.

                C) welded steel structure

                The induction furnace coil and the magnetic yoke are fixed with proper support and clamping parts, and the upper end part of the induction furnace can be disassembled, so that the coil is more convenient to be replaced.

                D) - heavy steel pillars on both sides

                A furnace body is the most solid support, provides the hydraulic tilting axis, and the axis shift, shift, ensure the taphole trajectory is minimum.

                E) induction coil

                A solid and durable high conductivity copper tube assembly, water-cooled coil and coil tube into one effectively by Rao, non segmented, two adjacent turns brass induction coil between the strict insulation and piecewise advanced technology, the coil insulation paint spraying, become a complete structure, and has been in the furnace body, pressing under the steel structure, the overall structure of the solid, no deformation. The number of turns of the coil is proper, the maximum electric efficiency can be obtained, and the coil is supplied with cooling water by a plurality of water supply, and is evenly distributed.

                F) magnetic yoke uniform stress in bolt system

                And to provide maximum pressure to force the coil, ensure the lining of a long working life. The fastening device of the plurality of groups is firm and reliable, and is convenient to install and disassemble, adjust and repair, and the gasket between the magnetic yoke and the coil adopts a multi-layer high quality insulating material. The magnetic yoke is cooled by water, and the cooling water pipe adopts the copper pipe.

                G) composite probe is the leakproof furnace leakage protection system is an important part of

                At the same time it also ensures that hot metal grounding, to ensure the safety of the operator.

                The bottom structure to meet the requirements of the removal mechanism launched lining lining. Easy installation, easy to operate.




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